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QuickTime Player:
It is a playback tool offered by Apple. You'd better play Apple Video and Audio formats, such as MOV, MP4, 3GP and 3G2 with it.

It is also a powerful tool offered by Apple. Besides the playback for MOV and MP4, as well as many other functions, it is a necessary tool to transfer video files to iPod. It means you need it to put video files into iPod after the conversion is done.

Legal Disclaimer

In the case of copyright protected materials such as movies or DVDs, it is our understanding that in nearly all jurisdictions it is not illegal to produce a copy of a DVD that one already owns, for backup or similar purposes. The legality of DVD ripping will vary based on your country of residence. We do not in any way endorse violation of the valid rights of copyright holders, and strongly recommends that you consult your country's copyright and fair use laws before copying any video content.