DVD Ripper for Mac: What to Look For

Would you want to import your favorite DVD movies on your much-loved iPhone, iPod and iPad so that you can enjoy them whenever and wherever you go? It's no doubt that you need a professional DVD ripper for Mac to help you. Howerever, since a lot of DVD ripper software has appeared in the market, it's a headache for us to choose the best one. Here we'd like to share what you should be looking for when shopping for DVD ripper applications.

When we're shopping, the quality is the most important thing in our mind. It's the same situation for shopping DVD ripper software. If it can't output an excellent video, this software means nothing to us. Second, we're supposed to take the application stability very seriously. Nobody wants to spend much time to restart the program over and over again during the conversion process. Third, the DVD ripper for Mac must be very easy to use. No matter how advanced the software is, if we can't operate it, it's also useless for us. Bear these in mind and you'll find the most satisfying software. Here we compare several DVD ripper for Mac software for your reference.

DVD Ripper for Mac Comparison

AnyMP4 Mac DVD Ripper
Aiseesoft Mac DVD Ripper
Tipard Mac DVD Ripper
Overall Rating
Output Quality
Application Stability
Ease of Use

Editor Review

From the above comparison, it's very clear that the DVD Ripper for Mac is very excellent. Compared with other applications, it owns better output quality so when you see ripped movies on iPhone, it's just like you're enjoying DVD movies. Also, you don't need to worry the application will constantly stop responding and freeze up because it's very stable. Having an application that does everything is worthless if it's not easy to use. That's why we create the DVD Ripper for Mac which is very easy to operate even without much computer knowledge. With its simple design and user-friendly interface, all the process will be finished with a few clicks.

Besides the features mentioned above, this DVD Ripper for Mac has many flexible and creative functions like video trimming, video cropping, watermark adding, subtitle and audio track selection, etc. With advanced accelerating technology, you can enjoy the DVD movies on your iPhone in a short while. All in all, the DVD Ripper for Mac is the best choice for you to rip your rows and rows of DVDs on Mac to enjoy on other portable devices. You can download the program and have a free try to experience this amazing software on your own.

User Reviews

I prefer to watch DVD movies on Mac and any Apple device so I've been trying so hard to find a satisfying DVD ripper for Mac software. After I tried various software, I have to say AnyMP4 DVD Ripper for Mac is the one I like most. With it, I can enjoy the DVD movies in a few seconds and its output quality is the best. My friends also think highly of it.

- Bill

As for DVD Ripper for Mac software, I suppose this is the best one. Accompanied with me for a few months, it always gives me surprise by unmatchable speed and best output quality. Besides, it can work as a wonderful video editing tool. This software has brought me a lot pleasure. Thank you for such a great DVD ripper for Mac application.

- Mona